How fit is your Pelvic Floor?

Wednesday 21st March, 7pm - 7.45pm

(Free of charge)

True strength comes from the inside out. Much misunderstood - and neglected - a well functioning pelvic floor plays a crucial role in fitness. For the third in our Women’s Health series, we’ve invited Clare Pacey to discuss how to look after this important area of health. Come along on the evening and learn how to enjoy a lifetime of optimal pelvic floor health, without threat of injury or anxiety. 

• Pelvic health in fitness 
• Beyond kegels 
• Prevention 
• Running & skipping tips 
• Weight lifting 
• Connecting with your pelvic floor

There will be a 45 minute chat followed by a discreet Q&A, so feel free to book a class either at 6.15 Boxing or 7.45pm HiPerZone to ensure a night of inside-outside fitness. 

The event is free but you need to book your place.