Events / Workshops

We're strong believers in sharing fitness and wellbeing knowledge with our community. There's nothing better than bringing people together and helping them feel empowered and improved. That's why we regularly host special events aimed at getting all sections of the local area involved – from supper clubs and exhibitions to guest speakers and workshops, there’s always something to inspire and ignite.

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6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Feel like you need to restore some balance in your life? Richie Norton of The Strength Temple is a former rugby player turned personal trainer yogi and mobility and movement coach. His unique teaching philosophy blends physical challenge with mental enlightenment, making him one of the most inspirational names in the fitness industry right now. Join him on a voyage of discovery, exploring how to mobilise your body, improve your flexibility and develop strength that transcends the purely physical.
You only get one pelvic floor, so it’s crucial you look after it. For part two of our Women’s Wellness series, we’ve invited Clare Pacey Women’s Health Specialist and Physio back to educate us in ways to stay strong from the inside out. No topic is off-limits.