Small Group Personal Training (Max 4)




Our Small Group Personal Training Classes are now available to book on the timetable and tick all the right boxes to ensure you realise your fitness goals in record time. Our Small Group Personal Training classes are small - never more than four people – and at £29 per person drop in. 

5 packs for £115 that’s less than a drop in class (£23).

What's your goal?


Increased strength and muscle mass – Strength

Based on large compound movements such as Deadlifts, Squats Pull up and Bench Presses, these sessions will work on increasing your functional strength.  We’ll coach on the fundamental movement patterns (Squat, Lunge, Hip Hinge, Push, Pull, Bracing and Rotation)  using a mixture of compound and isolated resistance exercises to develop whole body strength or specifics for muscle size and tone depending on your goals.



Improved stamina, speed and endurance + lean up – Metabolic Conditioning

Also known as MetCon, this type of training requires intense effort while employing multiple muscle groups to burn calories, not just during your workout, but long after too. In other words: the afterburn. Metabolic conditioning works by manipulating work and rest periods to maximally target each metabolic (energy) pathway – we’ll also monitor your heart rate so there’s no escaping. The upshot is improved energy output in training but also improved efficiency in breaking down fuel for your muscles. Simply put this is science based High Intensity training. 



Increased mobility improve performance and overall flexibility  – Core & Mobility

Core strength goes way beyond a six pack. Think, pelvic floor muscles, internal and external obliques, erector spinae (supports the spine) and even lats, glutes and traps. As all athletes know, a strong core means a strong body.

Mobility isn’t just about stretching and certainly shouldn’t be confused with a warm up. It prevents injury, aids recovery and keeps you performing better. By improving movement positions, mobility works to enhance power output and performance. Think of it in three parts: soft tissue work, stretching and joint mobilisation.



Enhance explosive output and speed – Power (launching soon)


Small Group Personal Training (Max 4) 

Drop in: 
5 packs: £23 per class