Meet the Team – Candice

Candice Eeden

Candice Eeden

Specialist area: Nutritionist (DipCNM mBANT CNHC) and overseeing the Recovery Cafe

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Pre: B
anana with plain Greek yogurt & nuts (walnuts or almonds).
Post: Beetroot & Berry Smoothie.

As well as consulting for NOSH DETOXacclaimed raw detox company - Candice runs workshops and has been successfully meal planning and supporting people through bespoke nutrition programmes for over three years. Clients love her holistic approach and are inspired by her user-friendly, practical tips. Alongside Claire, Candice played a key role setting up the Recovery Cafe Juice and Smoothie menu, she also makes many of the delicious Power Snacks.

Candice specialises in:

  • Alkaline diets to reduce inflammation and improve skin conditions (hormonal or auto-immunity).
  • Detoxing to improve the function of the liver and balance the body.
  • Foods to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Foods to nourish the thyroid and optimise metabolism.
  • Meal planning for the whole family.
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When the going gets tough the tough...  drink green smoothies. Three a week (preferably with added superfoods) will replenish nutrients and keep you performing at your best.