Meet the Team – Victoria

Michael Berwick

Victoria Engelmann

Specialist area: PowerPlate, HiPer Zone and Kettlebells.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
A Recovery Cafe coconut energy bomb.
Post: Buff Box Meals do a mean chicken wrap.

While she initially planned to use her literature degree to pursue a career in editing, Victoria decided instead to fuse her love of writing and fitness, creating her own health and fitness blog, The Wellness Edit, while working towards her Level 3 Personal Training certification.

Born and raised across the pond in Florida, Victoria moved to London and found herself increasingly drawn to the CrossFit style of training. Unsurprisingly, her maxim is ‘Train to be strong’, a philosophy she’s particularly keen to impart on the women in her classes. Kettlebells feature highly in her sessions and she’s a big fan of the squat rack. When Vic’s not at the studio, you'll find her surrounded by barbells, putting the finishing touches to her latest article and overseeing the content for Buff Box’s various social media platforms.

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