About Us

Power Plate

Optimal health is so much more than just exercising. It’s about eating clean, nutrient dense food to refuel, listening to your body’s post workout needs and making sure you’re perfectly prepped to sustain your training programme. It’s also about self improvement, which is why we offer loads of extras like supper clubs, workshops, guest speakers and exhibitions. We’d love you to get involved.


Our fusion of the very latest high intensity training (HIT) disciplines will transform your body - and your mind - in a way you never thought possible. Long, drawn out exercise programmes are a thing of the past. We like to mix things up with full-body training sessions that work every major muscle group to the max. The upshot? No-holds-barred workouts that will have you re-thinking your attitude towards exercise forever.


Exercise is only part of the fitness story. You also need to refuel properly with nutritionally balanced, clean food. Research says eating within 30 minutes of an intense workout allows muscles to take in amino acids and electrolytes vital to rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue. Our Recovery Cafe supplies everything you need: juices, smoothies and nutrient dense snacks made from the freshest seasonal, organic produce around.


Take yourself off to our Recovery Zone for the ultimate in muscle soothing massage. Using a variety of techniques - including deep tissue, energy work and stretching to release tension - our professional therapists will soon have you limbered up and raring to get to your next class. 


A one-off class - no matter how hard you go for it - is not going to get you results. To truly see change you need to invest in a regular training programme. We’ve carefully crafted our timetable to make sure there’s plenty of variety on offer, from 30 minute HIT bursts to 45 minutes classes and of course the option of B2B classes so you’ll never be bored.  

  • Claire Finlay, a truly unique approach to fitness and a very special trainer
    – Charlotte Sinclair, Tatler
  • Claire is absolutely fabulous, great fun, totally professional and has a holistic approach to her work and is an all round gem.
    – Helen Cummins
  • I had been sceptical of the value of personal training, but Claire totally changed my mind. I was able to see marked improvements in my fitness after only a few sessions, and a year down the line I am considerably lighter, stronger and fitter – so much so I achieved a good placing in a tough Alpine race, unthinkable 12 months ago.
    – Alex Chilton