Events & Retreats

We're strong believers in sharing fitness and wellbeing knowledge with our community. There's nothing better than bringing people together and helping them feel empowered and improved. That's why we regularly host special events aimed at getting all sections of the local area involved – from guest speakers to workshops there’s always something to inspire and ignite.

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POSTPONED TO 2022. This luxury seven day retreat set deep in the lush, rolling hills of southern Spain is all about you. Your needs. Your health. Your wellbeing. It’s aimed at those for whom a high level of self-care is important. We’re talking daily hikes to reconnect with the great outdoors, small group training sessions, yoga, alfresco dining and blissful early nights. The emphasis will be on disconnecting from the stresses of life while gaining some clarity and perspective.

Past Events

09 May 2018
After 9 weeks of solid training TeamTZ headed off on Sunday …
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02 March 2017
Our launch of CIRCUITTZONE kicked off last week with our Tou…
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The transformer programme really was an incredible experience for me to see what my body and my mind can do. I was really surprised how motivated I felt to keep going and I became so driven to see results. It impacted my diet, my mindset and definitely my body all for the better and really taught me a few things about myself. I now feel motivated to keep exercising (I ran 5K before work this morning) and have been certainly more aware of my diet. Hopefully 2017 is the year I begin to love my body.
– Liz Healey