Transformer Week (#transformerweek) returns - will you be in?


Returns 16th January 2017

Transformer Week returns 16th January 2017 for a month, how many weeks you sign up to is your call, but as a little incentive to keep you going, the longer you continue the cheaper it gets. 


  • 20 minute consultation including body stats measurement. weigh-in and diet advice
  • 5 classes and access to 2 Fitopia studio partner classes - 7 per week total
  • juice or smoothie after each Transition Zone class
  • 1 x 30 min deep tissue massage

START PRICE: £130.00 for your first week. 
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* Thereafter:   Week 2: £125   Week 3: £120   Week 4: £115   Week 5: £100

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The transformer programme really was an incredible experience for me to see what my body and my mind can do. I was really surprised how motivated I felt to keep going and I became so driven to see results. It impacted my diet, my mindset and definitely my body all for the better and really taught me a few things about myself. I now feel motivated to keep exercising (I ran 5K before work this morning) and have been certainly more aware of my diet. Hopefully 2017 is the year I begin to love my body.
– Liz Healey