Reformer Pilates Chair

The future of Pilates – you won’t find it anywhere else in London

The new buzzword in fitness, and already taking the US by storm, the Reformer Pilates Chair is one of the hottest workouts around. Right now, the only place you’ll find it in London is here at Transition Zone. Designed to stretch and strengthen every muscle group, the chair consists of a reformer seat and a footbar with attached springs for resistance. Results are stronger abs, more sculpted arms, greater flexibility, improved posture and longer, leaner muscles. A great form of cross-training for everyone – from professional athletes to postnatal women – these 45-minute classes make use of free weights and kettle bells for incredible results. If you fancy a challenge, why not try the Power Plate/Chair Fusion class for a truly great workout. 

Women's Health Magazine cited the Pilates Chair as the "coolest thing to happen in Pilates since the reformer bed."




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