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3:20 Fusion

May 22, 2013 at 4:49 PM


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Exclusive to Transition Zone, say hello to the NEW 3:20 Fusion workout. Its three back-to-back 20-minute sessions across three different disciplines and with only 4 in a class there's no hiding!

First up it's the all new Pilates reformer chair – the ultimate core workout, its resistance based so you'll limber up pretty quickly! Then it's straight onto the TRX using nothing but your own body weight, think 20 minutes of cardio and strength without a single weight in sight!

The final third is the king of accelerated training, the Power Plate but not as you know it... dynamic sequences, enduring leg and bottom lifts (think ballet on the plate) squats plus the occasional hand or leg weight thrown in, by the end of the 60 minutes your aching muscles will be longing for that well-deserved massage.  

Think 3D fitness – from Core to Cardio, to Stretch to Strength, Top to Tail... we've got it covered. Guaranteed to change your body shape after only a few sessions!

"Was a great class, one of the best we've been to, so thanks so much!"
– Amy Grier, Features Editor, Women’s Health Magazine

"It was an incredible class and a fantastic space." 
– Emily Murphy, Managing Editor, Women’s Health Magazine 

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