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“A brilliantly coached, strength based,
full-body session - without the price tag
of a personal trainer. 
Loved it.” Krista Hargrave


Say hello to strength based training sessions that blend individual coaching with dynamic small group sessions.

Think of them as personal training, minus the outlay. And all for an introductory offer of £10 or £15 for two*. 

With a focus on increasing functional strength and ramping up your performance each week, these classes kick serious arse. 


Introductory offer
£15 for two

First class £10
(use code get strong),
or Bring a buddy for £5 extra
and remember to book
them in.

Strength training changes body composition permanently, by increasing muscle mass. Lean muscle doesn’t just give you a tighter and more sculpted physique, it also boosts metabolism.

Our focus will be on coaching everything you need to nail each of the key compound movements: deadlifts, squats, pull ups and bench presses.

Your focus will be on smashing out as many rounds as you can (AMRAP) within the allotted timeframe. It’s a win-win-win set up. You get autonomy to work at your own pace, one-on-one coaching from our experts plus the motivation that comes from small group session.

What does a 60 min sessions look like?




  • Warm up: Foam roll, activation and mobility
  • 2 x 15 minute block-based AMRAP (min 3 rounds)
  • Core and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Cool down  

Expect a full body workout every class, but with an upper or lower body focus.

And to ensure optimal results - and to stop anybody getting complacent - we’ll make sure you increase resistance week on week.

Strength Classes

  • Tuesday: 7.15pm (Upper Body)
  • Wednesday: 6.30am (Lower Body)
  • Friday: 11-12pm (Upper Body)
  • Saturday: (Lower Body - coming soon)

Drop in £28 (use code get strong to get your class for £10)

What’s the MONTHLY deal?

  • 8 x Strength Group PT monthly classes
    (max 6)
  • Monthly body measurement 20 min call
    with our nutritionist
  • 20 minute call with our osteopath

NO TIE IN - £200 (£79 bolt-on for Studio Members)

Are you on board? Book in. Numbers are small and interest is high.
First come, first served.
* First timers only