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In conversation with... Janine


Janine is our latest Recovery Cafe team member. And what an addition! As a qualified chef, mad-for-it boxing fan and sports-nutrition-guru-in-the-making, she brings a lot of life, skills and experience to the TZ posse. If you’ve seen her in action during Boxing HIT you’ll know that there’s no holding her back and Janine has already hosted a private nutrition workshop here at the studio that received BIG plaudits. We’re looking forward to hearing - and seeing - a lot more from her in 2017.

Tell us a bit about your cooking background

I’ve always been into cooking but I learnt to master it professionally at Westminster-Kingsway Culinary College, the same place that Jamie Oliver attended. It’s a very practical course and as part of it I was sent to various eateries around London to hone my skills - from pubs to fine dining rooms. After graduating I became Head Chef at Top Hat - one of the best catering companies in London - and as a result fed some pretty remarkable people, including various politicians, the American Ambassador, The Foo Fighters, Help for Heroes and Duran Duran! These days I’m freelance and offer a batch cooking service for busy people - young professionals, families, City workers - so they’ve always got a freezer full of homemade, tasty and nutritionally packed meals. I can either make and deliver the food off-site or, ideally, go to the person’s house so that they can watch what I do and pick up tips along the way. I tailor what I make to suit people’s individual requirements - picky eaters such as kids, vegans, avid fitness fans etc. By the time I’ve left they will have a month’s supply of delicious meals to choose from. It’s proving really popular and I’ve even done a private workshop at Transition Zone for a family who wanted to learn some simple but healthy recipes that they could easily prepare and store for the weeks ahead.

What got you into boxing?

It all started about eight years ago but I’ve been seriously boxing for the last two. I have a boxing coach and, on a normal week, will aim to train about five times a week. I love boxing’s philosophy and find it incredibly empowering, both in and out of the ring. I’m still amateur and clearly have a long way to go but I’m hoping to take my training to the next level soon and start competing in fights.

Got any plans for 2017?

I’ve got big plans! I’ll complete my Sports Nutrition foundation next year and will then move onto the degree part of the course at St Mary’s in Twickenham. It’s a subject I’m really passionate about and it ties in really well with my love of fitness and cooking. I’m hoping to amalgamate all three in the future to provide a 360 degree service for clients. I’m also hoping to host more food based workshops here at the studio - keep your eyes peeled for a boxing and curry night which promises to be banging - a supercharged workout followed by really filling, tasty and wholesome food. My perfect combination!    

If you have any questions for Janine, she's here Monday's and Wednesday's and is always happy to chat.       

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