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Our mission from day one was for Transition Zone to feel like an extended family. One that’s tight-knit, supportive and understanding. Fast forward six years and we’re delighted to have successfully built a fitness community we hope everyone in your family can enjoy. With that in mind, say hello to a whole raft of new classes, events and community challenges to get you fired up for Spring.


Youth FitFam Event
Friday 20 March, 6.30-8.30pm // £15

This is a fun-filled Friday night fitness workshop aimed at 12-16 year olds. Expect high octane challenges and games punctuated by plenty of downtime. There will be boxing, circuits and a proper recovery stretch all set to the beats of a live DJ. We’ll also provide snacks and a smoothie to keep the kids buzzed (in a good way).

Youth FitFam Event
Yoga // Sunday 8 March, 9.45am-10.30am // Free

To celebrate this hugely important day, catch Claire at Sweaty Betty in Fulham from 9.45am-10.30am for a free yoga session. to book call the store on 0207 610 8390.

To coincide with IWD we’re offering 5 classes £75 and £25 Sweaty Betty voucher to spend at the Fulham branch use code IWD at checkout.

Personal Growth
Tough Mudder // Sunday 10 May

With spring approaching we’re encouraging you to revisit your personal growth goals. Want to do something new as part of our community? Maybe it’s time to sign up to Tough Mudder which is eight weeks away - there are a variety of distances and something for all the family (including kids). You in?


Summer Retreat
Naturally Nourished // 1-8 June

Our summer retreat is happening 1-8 June and promises activity filled days, luxuriously calm evenings and a much needed dose of sun derived vitamin D. We now only have two spaces left. If you’d like to secure your spot, get in touch.

NUDGE NUDGE... Mother's Day is fast approaching!



We were blown away to have a visit from Ant Middleton and Men's Health magazine last week. For those who don’t know, he’s a former soldier, adventurer and TV presenter. He’s the face of SAS: Who dares wins, Mutiny and Escape. We’re not ones to be starstruck normally but he really was as inspirational in real life as he is on screen. Watch out for more of him working out soon!



New class over 55's // Coming Soon

We’re launching two new classes (Functional Strength & Mobility & Movement) aimed at 55's and over.

If you’re keen to move better, get stronger, feel more energised.. and meet some new fitness buddies, get in touch.

Check in via the app

The Transition Zone APP is undergoing a revamp and will no longer be in use. In the meantime please use the mindbodyonline.com app


Trying to keep the studio virus free

Nothing has really changed our end, hand gel and antibacterial wipes have always been available at the studio. We would ask that you make sure you wash your hands on arrival.

Forward thinking – Industry trends...


We’re always keen to push things forward so will be starting a new monthly slot in our newsletter that talks about upcoming trends and research that we think is of value. We’re starting here by predicting what workouts might look like in 2030. Here’s a breakdown from Men’s Health:

  • Integrated apps will seamlessly monitor your progress at home and in the gym.
  • From strength and form to power output, everything you do will be trackable.
  • PTs will be the new rock stars.
  • Recovery is key. Giving it everything, all of the time, will be viewed as undisciplined.
  • Rest days will be planned according to your health markers, not taken on a whim.
  • Nutrition will be hyper-personalised via gut tests and blood-sugar monitoring.
  • From CrossFit boxes to boutique bootcamps, group workouts are here to stay.
  • We’ll bring office work to the gym and do gym work in our office.
  • Kid workouts will become as important as your own as gyms become more family friendly.

We’re happy to note that we’re already trailblazing when it comes to a number a these points - kids workouts, corporate workouts, group workouts, recovery and Rockstar PTs (without the egos) are all a crucial part of what we offer!

And while it’s too soon for anyone to be wearing personalised blood sugar monitors (unless you’re T1D) we do offer bespoke nutrition advice that includes the option of testing.

If you’d like any more information on any of the topics covered today,
please drop by and see us or give us a call.

Have a good month!