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Youth Squad – Regular Weekly Classes

11-13 year olds - Monday 1st Oct 5.30-6.30pm
14-17 year olds - Thursday 4th Oct 7-8pm

Want your children to grow exponentially across all areas of their life? Research shows under 18s can improve physical strength by up to fifty percent after just two months of bi-weekly strength training. Encouraging adolescents to embrace fitness from an early age, not only will they enjoy increased self esteem, they're also more likely to prioritise their health during adulthood.


Our Youth Squad workouts are created specifically with adolescents in mind - executed by a team of specialist fitness coaches, they focus on monitoring, mentoring, coaxing and encouraging to help your child get the best from their ability. 

Classes are geared towards channeling energy, developing confidence and honing performance - skills that are instrumental to school, club and county team and individual performances. 


"Children can improve strength by 30% to 50% after just 8 to 12 weeks of a bi-weekly well-designed strength-training program." Faigenbaum





Youth Squad classes are small (no more than 12, slots split 11-13yrs and 14-17yrs) to focus on delivering first class athletic coaching around team skills, movement patterns, strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility and balance. Disciplines covered include circuits, strength training and fitness testing.

Essentially we'll be focusing on learning to move correctly and safely using the seven principles of fundamental movement: lunge, squat, hinge, push, pull, brace and rotate. We'll also cover how to run, hop, throw and catch correctly - all crucial to sporting prowess and daily life - as well as have fun and build self esteem.  


Please note, we've opened registration for the October half term camp from 22-26th 1- 4pm. If you're interested, click here.


Small Group PT (Max 4): Weight Loss. Hyperthrophy. Sports Performance


 £80-£95 PW* 

Check out our TRANZFORM programmes. They're affordable, small group personal training programmes that will redefine how you work out. Leaner, faster, stronger - whatever your fitness goal, our team will work tirelessly alongside your PT squad to get you there in record time.
What's included:
* 6 & 8 week Programmes: 
   2 GPT sessions PW + 2 classes £80PW 
   3 GPT sessions PW + 2 classes £95PW
* An in-depth body and diet analysis to pinpoint your goals
* A results driven programme (including training, nutrition and weight loss)
* Exclusive support: voice messages, video logs, recipes and more
* Regular support and mentoring
Want in? Grab three friends (max of four per squad) and get in touch.
For Transition Zone members we offer a special discount.   

Memberships - Try us for a month 

Being a member at Transition Zone goes way beyond working out. It opens the doors to supper clubs, educational workshops and events plus discounts on Personal Training, Small Group PT Massage and our delicious smoothies.  It also means less admin time for you and more classes at a discounted price. To get you back in the Zone, there's a waiver on the 3 month commitment.


3 times per week - 12 classes a month £150
no 3 month commitment 


7 times per week- 28 classes a month £175 
- no 3 month commitment 

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