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Mind Body ShifTZ in 2021

In out....the lockdown hokey cokey strikes again!

Stress levels are skyrocketing with people wondering how they're possibly going to manage a winter trapped indoors. Not to mention work, relationships, teenage kids, Zoom meetings and home schooling. If that's your current thinking, listen up.

For the next three months, we encourage you to shift your mindset by committing to our four health and wellbeing pillars. We believe it's totally possible to move out of the current mental and physical restraints through movement, mindset, coaching and community.

We're here to help you make it happen, all that's needed is an attitude SHIFTZ. After all, if you take a look at the positives for a minute, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself. Outlined below are a number of tools to help rebalance your thinking.

So join us and get ready to:

TRANZPORT: Your mind.
TRANZFORM: Your body.
TRANZFIGURE: Your nutrition.
TRANZCEND: Your location.

SHIFTZ // Movement, Mindset, Coaching and Community.

SHIFTTZ is our NEW support package that will help you get through the next few months. It starts with a consultation, together we discuss your goals, diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits. Your personal Coach will then help devise a well rounded wellness plan; with the aim to help SHIFTZ your MINDSET and FOCUS on the future.

Remember this is all about Support, Accountability, Community and Results.

  • Personal Coach & Consultation
  • Goals setting
  • Daily livestream
  • Daily set challenges 

Option to add on Personal Training / Programme planning as extra.

  • ONDEMAND Zone access
  • Nutrition support & recipes
  • Monthly educational webinars
  • Weekly check-in



LIVESTREAM classes // 
30 & 45 mins 

If you're keen to stay connected to the team and wider TZ community this is as close as it gets to being at the studio, choose from up to 20 classes per week.

45 mins: Body Weight Con/HIT, TRX, Mobility, Strength Circuit, BoxCon, Youth Squad (12-16yrs).

30mins: Lower Body & Abs, Upper Body & Abs, HIT.


Pre recorded workouts

ONDEMAND Zone allows you to workout in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Choose from: Yoga, Mobility, Abs, Lower Body, Upper Body, HIT, Low Impact Cardio, BoxCon, Pilates & Barre (plus really useful short tutorials)... & more

Series 5 launches next week with 5 more workouts: Upper body & abs, Yoga, Pilates, Bodyweight Circuit & Full Body Mobility

This NEW VIRTUAL ZONE membership allows DAILY Livestream and Unlimited access to ON DEMAND ZONE for £99 per month. That's access to over 40 workouts per week.

RUN with "US" in your EAR

Sprints, hills, fartlek, tempo, intervals.

If you're keen to start running or would like a bit of motivation and guidance you can soon join our RUN LIVESTREAM group sessions.

How it works:

  • A run plan will be sent 48 hours before your class - the run will be no more than 30mins.
  • Login to your livestream session from home for pre run warm up & mobility.
  • Brief discussion about the run programme
  • Head outdoors and listen for our guidance, cues and motivation.
  • Return back home after your run for cool down and stretch.

To join, all you need is your phone, headphones and if possible a heart rate tracker (to measure improvement).

We advise you ALL attend the run webinar, full details below.

We're aiming to start w/c 25th Jan, register interest and tell us what days/times work best for you.


Osteopathy // Massage Therapy

As a key worker, Emma is still available for Consultations and Treatments.



Run Better // Sat 23rd @12.30-1.30pm

Following the success of our first webinar, Matt and Rob are back to talk all things running..with a few changes to appeal to everyone during Lockdown#3.

Hosted by our in house run expert Rob and ultra runner Matt this webinar is both interactive & educational. We'll be discussing the tools you need to help you get started running, how to prevent injuries and how to remain motivated in the dark cold months ahead.

  • Getting started and adding variety to your runs
  • Mobility for running
  • Ground reaction force (landing mechanics)
  • How to improve your running
  • Mindset: overcoming obstacles; injury, weather, distance, enthusiasm & more.

This is suitable for ALL levels, guaranteed everyone will leave with something to help them RUN BETTER.


DNA & Genetics testing //
Sun 31st @5pm-5.45pm

We've partnered with MUHDO to give you a brief insight into the benefits of genetic testing and how you can learn from your body and get the most from it!

This webinar will be hosted via ZOOM and you'll get an understanding of:

  • What type of training works best for you
  • Nutrition, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • How and when you should recover
  • Your blueprint for anti ageing
  • Eye, gut, heart, muscle, skin health
  • Sleep & stress
  • Virus check - colds and flus


We know it's hard... but with YOUR FOCUS and OUR Support & Tools
you will get through this and come out the other side healthy, strong & happy!