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National Fitness Week

Today is National Fitness Day and it's all about encouraging the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity. We know the benefits that regular exercise brings:- healthier heart, increased wellbeing and better quality of life. But we also know that getting fit can be a struggle... when it really shouldn't be. We're here to help and we've got some great incentives to get you going whatever stage you're at. 

NEXT EVENT - Strength For Power  

Thursday 5th October, 6.45pm-8.15pm


Our next Circuit Zone is all about Strength for Power - Strength is your ability to lift heavy things. Power is the ability to lift them fast. They are both very closely related. The best way to increase your power (speed) is to get strong (strength). 
What to expect:
  • Circuit of explosive Strength and Power exercises 
  • Fat burning: "all out" sets 
  • Fierce metabolic push to lean up
  • Two teachers
  • Insight into Strength Training - Q&A 
  • Post workout smoothie
  • Increase overall mobility and agility. 
We like to keep the price competitive, and even throw in a post workout smoothie, all that for £20




Monthly class offers


5 - £102, 10 - £170, 20 - £306
If you're not able to commit to one of our memberships, our class packs may better suit your schedule. We're offering 15% off 5, 10 and 20 class packs. Quote CP15 at checkout. 
Offer end 31st October.



New membership sign ups can try our Annual Zone membership: 12 classes for £125 (usually £150 just c.£10.50 per class)
Offer ends 31st October.


Personal Training & Class Combo

Top_Personal Training.jpg

Need a bit of help to get going? How about mixing classes with some Personal Training, that way you'll get your form on check and work even harder during your classes.  5 x 45 min Personal Training sessions and 5 x classes for £345 - basically you get all the classes FREE!   


PAUG membership




We're still freezing our usual three month commitment on all memberships, meaning for a temporary period you can sign up for a month at a time. Offer ends 31st October. 

Drop in classes at the price you want?

No long term commitment? Flexibility over timings? Take a look at DIBS. Our new dynamic pricing system means the earlier you book, the better the price of your class. Just log in as normal via www.transitionzone.co.uk and click on the 'choose your price' logo.



 Recovery & Mobility Sundays

Recovery is an important aspect of fitness yet one that's rarely given much time, in order to train we need to move better so what better way to end the week than some time to hit those tight spots! Each one will have a different theme and will run monthly to start with, Claire hosting our first one Sunday 1st October, YOGA & FOAM ROLLING, using a raft of different tools, from yoga postures and foam rollers to trigger balls, you may even get a little bit of time on the TRX Straps. 


For an insight into just how important mobility is to your wellbeing, listen to this MIND PUMP podcast with guest and mobility pioneer Kelly Starrett.