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We all know consistency and determination are at the core of fitness, but it's all too easy to veer off track. Whether it's Aperol Spritzes in the sun after work, barbecues at the weekend or football at every opportunity, we understand if your usual schedule has been a little below par lately. All is not lost though! If you're feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned or like you need a little guidance, allow us to step in.
From young athletes to veteran sports stars, we've got personal training, small group personal training, classes and membership packages for everyone. All you need to do is choose the one that best suits you. Ready? Let's go.



£60-£100 PW*

Want to hit the summer head on? Check out our new TRANZFORM programmes. They're affordable, small group personal training programmes that will redefine how you work out. Leaner, faster, stronger - whatever your fitness goal, our team will work tirelessly alongside your PT squad to get you there in record time.
What's included:
  • An in-depth body and diet analysis to pinpoint your goals
  • A results driven programme (including training, nutrition and weight loss)
  • 4/6/8 week cycles
  • Exclusive support: voice messages, video logs, recipes and more.
  • 2-4, 60 min sessions per week 
Want in? Grab three friends (max of four per squad) and get in touch.


Youth athletic coaching


16th-20th July, 1pm-4pm

This summer sees the launch of our Summer Youth Athletic Camp. Aimed at adolescents between 11 and 15 years of age, they're a superb way to channel energy, develop confidence and hone athletic performance. Moving between the studio and Parsons Green, our experienced coaches Mark and Katherine - will be delivering first class athletic coaching around team skills, movement patterns (run, jump, hop, throw and catch) strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility and balance
Single day: £45  3 days: £130. Full week: £200.

Summertime lovin' promotions

28 classes in one month

Trial us for a month with no tie in. Pay a one-off fee of £150 for the whole month  (usually £175)  and work out every single day if you fancy. New Clients only.


Summer class promo - 25% off classes 

For June, July and August only.
1 class: £21 5 classes: £90  10 classes: £150
Use code summer25


Personal Training

Not up for group workouts? Want all the attention focused squarely on yourself? 10% off 5,10 and 20 45 and 60 min sessions. Use code PT10



More new faces

Meet Nadir, currently unbeaten professional boxer, who began martial arts training when his mother took him to karate and kickboxing classes aged seven. He currently holds an impressive record consisting of over 40 amateur boxing bouts against top international fighters from around the world. Now a professional boxer, Nadir has built up a formidable reputation amongst London's top boxing clubs, sparring and competing in the ring alongside current and former world champions. 

As well as Boxing, you'll find him on the timetable teaching Power Plate, TRX and HiPer Zone. He's also available for Personal training too.


That's pretty much all from us for now. If you have any questions about anything we've covered here, drop by and see us, reach out on social media or send us a message. We're here to help.