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January is over, daylight hours feel a teensy bit longer and pay day has finally come around! Change is in the air! Ready to embrace this new found feeling and throw yourself into the rest of the year?

So are we. The good news is we’ve got plenty for you to get your teeth into, so grab your diary and let’s get planning.

What’s NEW this month...



Learn from the very best. Ex pro, Thomas Jarvis will guide you through everything you need to know; from beginners trying boxing for the first time to those of you ready for open sparring.

Sparring Class

Thursday 6th February - 7.30pm -8.45pm

Expect to cover everything from technique, to open sparring and of course that all important conditioning. Use code SPAR to get 50% off first session £15.00


Thursday 6th February at 6.30pm

From power punches on the bags to pad work and foot work drills plus one-one time in the ring, you’ll cover a lot during this 50 min circuit mash up! We keep our sessions tcechique based so you’ll learn as you go too!


Doing it for the YOUTH

We’ve added an additional YOUTH class starting Saturday 1st February 12.15 - 1pm. Try it for just £5 use code YOUTH2


We’re also holding our first YOUTH EVENT

Friday 28th February 6.30-8.30pm 

We’ve put together a fun packed session specially aimed at 12-16's year olds, expect plenty of lolz, challenges and a few games. As well as the chance to meet others.... we're keen to make it social too!

We'll be keeping it lively with a Boxing session followed by yoga...and a bit education around nutrition for recovery and refuel. We'll be adding a live DJ - it's like a fun night out but with fitness in mind!

A bit further afield


Get some Sunny time out

Our Spanish retreat is happening on 1-8 June and promises activity filled days, luxuriously calm evenings and a double dose of vitamin D.

If this sounds like something you totally want to get on aboard we have two spaces left.

Click here for further details of your typical day.

We're also running a second retreat in October... interested?


Are you tough enough?

We’re putting together a TZ Tough Mudder team again for adults and our YOUTH SQUAD (13 and over).

We'll be heading to Henley on Sunday 10th May, if you're up for it register your name.

This is open to all fitness levels... remember it's all about team fun and team support!

PAY DAY Offers...



15% off all classes
5 pack £102
10 pack £170
20 pack £306


15% off 5 pack of
60 minute PT sessions

£361.25 (USE CODE: PTFEB)

[NEW CLIENTS for use during February, so don’t hang about.]  

Hopefully you haven’t come to the end of January feeling downhearted about unfinished resolutions. We believe it’s much better to set your own goals around what feels right for you.

Need help with personalised goals for the year ahead? Come have a chat and we’ll pool all our expertise and resources to ensure you’re on the right track.