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Reformer Chair: the big reveal   

The day has finally arrived! We are so excited to share the uncut version of our Reformer Pilates Chair promo showreel. As the only studio in London to offer this class many have never heard of this nifty piece of kit, let alone tried it, take a look and see for yourself how effective this Pilates fusion workout can be!  
Don't be fooled by its size, the Reformer Pilates Chair has a repertoire of well over 100 exercises. A typical class is only 5 and includes elements of balance, strength, coordination and flexibility making it a great form of cross-training for everyone, you can even ramp it up by incorporating hand weights, resistance bands and kettlebells for a full body blast session that really delivers results. Regular sessions on the chair will result in abs of steel, more sculpted arms, greater flexibility, improved posture and longer, leaner muscles.
For launch week 6-13th October we have added in even more classes so you all get to try it, best of all, every chair class is only £10 - offer ends Friday. 

Chair class schedule

  • Tonight: 6pm
  • 11th Oct Wednesday: 8.45am combined with power plate
  • 12th Oct Thursday: 6.45am & 10.30am
  • 13th Oct Friday: 12.30am