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There’s no better time than autumn to learn fresh skills, embark on new adventures and meet like-minded people. We’re expanding our health and wellbeing community by collaborating with big names and inviting industry authorities to share their knowledge. We’d love you to come and join us.

Workshops & Events for your diary...


Run Better workshop

Wednesday 20th November, 7.30pm-9pm £10

We’ve partnered with local physio and run experts Beyond Health, who will be sharing their knowledge and runBeyond expertise.

This workshop will suit anyone looking to restore a running routine after injury, transform their running style to reduce impact forces, injury rates and perform better.

Beyond Health are also a registered affiliate and unique provider of the global education resource Running Clinic... it goes without saying they know all about running!

Together with the Transition Zone team we'll be discussing:

  • Technique - running style for better performance.
  • Strength training: to prevent injuries/enhance performance/rehab
  • Injuries: prevention/how to address common niggles/possible treatments





The team:

Mark: Assistant athletics coach, strength & conditioning coach.
Beyond Health: Joseph, Physiotherapist & MD
Rob: Corrective exercise specialist.
Matt Young: Endurance runner – our story teller.







Ayurveda and Yoga healing workshop

Sunday 17th November, 11am-1pm  £15

We’ve partner with renowned Ayurvedic expert, Dr. Alexander qualified Ayurvedic physician from Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda.

A specialist in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional treatments, he will be introducing us to the benefits of this ancient practice. As well as discussing diet, healing and treatments, he will explain the different doshas and help you work out if you are primarily vata, pitta or kapha. According to Ayurvedic medicine, we can only really experience true health when we balance our unique dosha constitution. Intrigued?

Claire will be leading a dynamic yoga session suitable for all levels, she will encourage you to deepen your practice through a variety of healing and strengthening sequences. Having completed her yoga training in India over 15 years ago and recently returned from a world renowned Ayurvedic retreat, Claire is keen to share what she has learned.

The practice will end with a chance to ask questions over some delicious Ayurvedic tea and snacks. Come stretch, hang out, learn and talk to like minded friends!