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THREE is the MAGIC number again...

September 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM

In case you missed it first time around, our 3:20 Fusion class is back!

Saturday 28th September sees the return of our exclusive 60min high energy circuit. Join us for three back-to-back 20-minute sessions across three different disciplines with three different teachers. And to top it all there's only four in a class. Fitness doesn't get more personal than this!

Mix it up.... for long-term results

Experts agree you should focus on varying your fitness routine to get maximum results. The body continually seeks the most efficient way to perform a task until it eventually feels nothing at all - in short, repetitive training reaps little reward. By switching your activity mode, you stress your body in new (and beneficial) ways, so what better than launching yourself into three different disciplines to work your body into a dizzy confusion!  


                  1st – Barre                                        2nd – TRX                                3rd – Power Plate
           x 20mins                                           x 20mins                                       x 20mins

P1030074.jpgWith a few changes, the Saturday HIT squad will be led by a team of professionals all at the top of their game:-

Anne Mette (Barre) Scott (TRX) Chandelle (Power Plate)

Our resident DJ, Tony returns spinning some killer tunes to make sure no one flags - even for a minute!



Leave with more than a spring in your step!


PLENISH_LINE_UP_FRONTwithlogo_square_low.jpgDrink to your Health!

To keep you hydrated and nourished post work-out, we've joined forces with Plenish - the hippest organic cleanse company who's creating a real stir in the world of Juicing! Plenish raw juices contain an almighty 6lbs of fruit and veg in each drink and are very alkalising on the body thanks to their low pH. They are 100% organic and cold-pressed rather than heat treated. Now that's worth sweating for!


69.jpgLive Clean. Train Dirty 

You'll also leave with good bag courtesy of Sweaty Betty - don't forget you get 15% discount when you mention TRANSITION ZONE at the Fulham store - just what you need for than new A/W wardrobe!

3:20 Fusion is for one day only with 5 classes and limited places available. The last event sold out fast so make sure you book your spot now. All levels are welcome, classes are small enough (maximum of four) to be tailored to your ability level. What are you waiting for? Come sweat, have fun and reap rewards! 


To book go to our online booking page 

PS .....in case you're interested ....you'll burn about 800 calories! 

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