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We refuse point blank to mention the C-word. Not at this stage in the game anyway. But it's never too early to start thinking about looking - and feeling - your finest. To help you, we're proposing a weekly all-inclusive plan to guide, motivate and keep you on the path to greatness (ready for the festive period).

We're calling it Transformer Week (#transformerweek) and it promises to deliver - on every level.

How many weeks you sign up to is your call, but as a little incentive to keep you going, the longer you continue the cheaper it gets (sign up in studio for additional weeks).

Everybody's focus will be different, but whether you want to lose weight, gain definition, build your stamina or strengthen your core, we'll be there alongside you. Change doesn't happen through diet or fitness alone, it has to be an all-round effort combining the two. And we're here to make sure it happens.

We're launching next Tuesday (because we know you don't always feel great on a Monday) 8th November until the fifth and final week of sign up on the 12th December.





  • 20 minute consultation including body stats measurement. weigh-in and diet advice
  • 5 classes and access to 2 Fitopia studio partner classes - 7PW total
  • A juice or smoothie after each Transition Zone class
  • 1 x 30 min deep tissue massage

START PRICE: £130.00 for your first week (saving of £102.50)


Week 2: £125   Week 3: £120   Week 4: £115   Week 5: £100

Essentially the hard work will be down to you, although naturally you won't be alone, we'll be on hand to keep you on track. You can even meet new people and create your own social media sharing group. The person who we think shows the biggest transformation after the five weeks will be awarded a month of free classes in January! You'll also feature in our New Year newsletter. 

Want a piece of that? BOOK NOW if you're ready to TRANSFORM.

* Discount applies only to consecutive weeks booked.

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