What's new

We know it's difficult... but it's also a NEW way.

With all of our daily routines plus work and school schedules in complete disarray, it's very hard to cope, in fact the hardest part is the process of CHANGE and having to adapt to a NEW way of living. We all like routine and crave security, but sometimes we need to embrace CHANGE and fight through it!

WE ARE CHANGING TOO......with classes temporarily on hold at the studio, we are working towards a number of options to stay in touch and help keep you and your family physically and mentally fit.

'Can I still go outside?'

'This is still possible, however large groups have been advised not to exercise together. When outside, you should keep a couple of metres in between yourself and others.'

Direct quote from Government

Get outdoors



While we can, we are moving to outdoor training on Parsons Green, we will run a class every day (adding more as required), these will start on MONDAY. MEETING POINT IS THE GREEN ENTRANCE OPPOSITE WAITROSE.

You can book is the usual way, click here to book. We are capping numbers at eight and allowing plenty of space between mats for social distancing.

If you are a TRANSITION ZONE member you can still use your membership (if it’s still active) or your class packs and intro offers.

Drop in available at £10.

All current memberships were frozen (from Tuesday 17th March) so, NO future autopays will leave your bank accounts. Some memberships still have time remaining, so you can still book outdoor classes.

If you have children/teenagers and would like to get them out of the house (while you still can), we will run some simultaneous classes via our YOUTH SQUAD TEAM – please register interest.

Weekly Outdoor timetable on PARSONS GREEN






Monday 9.30am Matt Circuits 45 mins
Tuesday 12.30pm Vesna Circuits 45 mins
Wednesday 10.30am Rob Circuits 45 mins 
Thursday 12.30pm Adam Circuits  45 mins
Friday 10.00am Vesna Shadow Boxing/Circuits 45 mins 
Saturday 9.30am  Matt Circuits  45 mins 
  11.00am Matt Circuits & Run 45 mins
Sunday 10.30am Joe
Shadow Boxing/Circuits
45 mins 

Timetable was correct at time of publishing 

Online options


For those of you unable to leave the house, we are offering online yoga classes every day with our Mobility and Movement trainer Kate Taylor, please connect with her via Instagram.


We will also be posting lots of workouts via Instagram and have set up a TRANSITION ZONE facebook Group Page which we’d love you all to join - share your photos, stories, and chat to others in the TZ FAM!

LIVE Classes

We will be launching Transition Zone LIVE next week, it's so simple to set up and really is the best way to stay in contact with your favourite trainers and the Transition Zone Community... it will be streamed straight to your homes.

To access our LIVE classes you will need to download the "Zoom" app or log in from your laptop. Keep a look in on our Instagram page for daily updates and login details.

To register interest and receive more details click the button below.



Personal Training...

If you're keen for something for you (and your family) maybe think about Personal Training

How it works:

  • Outdoor training
  • Face time sessions – via Skype and Zoom


As always we are doing our very best to stay in touch.