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You’re only as good as your goals


Goals are golden when it comes to fitness, for a number of reasons. As well as giving you long-term vision and short-term motivation, they encourage focus and help you get the most from your time. They also help to instil a sense of purpose and allow you to measure progress. Without them it’s easy to feel like you’re floundering.

Do you have a goal? They come in many forms: from feeling strong after giving birth to running a half marathon to embarking on strength training. With only seven weeks til Christmas (yes, we just dropped the C bomb!) now is a great time to be pinning down what you’re striving for. Remember you
don’t have to wait until 1st Jan to get started!




Make it personal

"I wanted a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach and mentor – all rolled into one – and that’s exactly what I got”

Our specialism lies in helping clients achieve their unique goals and we do this via personal training and consultations. Working together, we identify targets, assess functional movement ability (FMS Screen) and scrutinise diet and lifestyle habits to formulate a training plan that’s realistic but gets results.

Our expert team have immense knowledge and experience, which means we’ve got all the resources you need to smash those goals. We’re talking strength training, body transformation, injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal health, yoga and pilates and boxing.

You are unique and so are your goals. Confused by conflicting diet advice? We’ll put you in touch with our nutritionist. Bamboozled by food labels? We’ll join you on your next food shop. Niggling injury preventing progress? Our rehab massage will get you up and running. Looking to lose a few kilos before your big day, you’re in good hands. This really is collaborative fitness at its finest.

Goal smashing offers

Personal Training - get FREE classes  

Buy 5 x 60 minute £360 - 5 classes free (saving £120)
Buy 10 x 60 minute £675 - 8 classes free (saving £160)
Buy 20 x 60 minute £1300 - 10 classes free (saving £200)


Partner Personal Training

Train with a friend and the second person gets 50% off

Buy 5 x 60 minute £270pp - 5 classes free (saving £120pp)
Buy 10 x 60 minute £506pp - 8 classes free (saving £160pp)


Class packs - Get more for less 30% off

5 classes £84 (£16.80 per class)
10 classes £140 (14.00 per class)
20 classes: £252 (12.60 per class)

(ALL CLASSES must be used by 29th December 2018)

USE CODE: more4less





Youth Squad - U18's

"I didn't make it on to the school hockey team last year.
Now I'm playing for the A team."

Half term saw us running three days of performance training for 11-13 year olds. The focus was on combining the fundamental movements and skills that adolescents young people need and use, both in everyday life and also in sport.

We are still running regular, weekly Youth Squad classes:

Monday: 5.30-6.30pm 11-13 yrs
Thursday: 7-8pm 14-17 yrs


What’s new - more strength classses




HiPer Zone just got even stronger with a brand new offering

You lot just can't get enough strength training! You asked, we listened and have responded to your requests by adding a new class to the HiPerZone portfolio – STRENGTH CIRCUIT starts next Monday at 7.00pm. Think mini circuits, big compound movement, deadlifts, squats, presses, pulls ups and more. This is a whole body blast session that puts you firmly in control of the amount you're lifting, pressing and pushing but, be warned, there's no time to get comfortable in this class. You will be encouraged to increase your load week on week to ensure maximum progress.

New Sunday class

In the lead up to Christmas we'll be mixing things up a little on Sundays - in keeping with the strength theme and starting next week at 11.45am, you'll find Kettlebell/Strength, a dynamic class that will combine strength, cardio and core all in one.

If it's a long stretch you're after .. that's coming too!


That’s all from us for now. 

Start isolating your goals (journaling is great for this) and pinpointing
where you want to be in eight weeks’/twelve weeks’/six months’ time. 
There really is no time like the present to start thinking about your future.

As always we’re here to help, guide and advise so please feel free to ask 
any one of our expert team if you want some pointers.