What’s your goal?

"I'm sick of feeling bloated and sluggish; I want to feel normal again”

Good nutrition is essential for good health. The food you eat can be the difference between feeling merely okay and feeling on top of the world. In fact, nutrition can be utilised in myriad ways, from increasing energy to enhancing mood.

Our nutritionist, Emma Bardwell, is passionate about how fitness and food work hand in hand to keep us in peak condition. Like us, she believes small changes can make big differences and fads are never the answer if you want long lasting results. Your dietary needs are as individual as your personality. That’s why our one-to-one nutrition consultations can take up to 90 minutes and are completely tailored not just to your goals, but to your lifestyle, career and home life.

Consultation process

  • Free 15 minute introductory call to talk about goals, symptoms and expectations
  • You will be sent a detailed health questionnaire to complete ahead of the consultation. This will allow us to get an insight into your symptoms, medical history, family history, dietary habits, digestive health and existing medical conditions. You will be asked to record a 3-day food diary as part of the questionnaire.
  • Your initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes. This allows a really in-depth insight into your needs and goals.
  • After collating all the information provided, you will be sent a bespoke diet and lifestyle plan within 72 hours.
  • To ensure you’re staying on track you will receive a 15 minute check-in call at a time convenient to you.
  • A follow up session will be arranged 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to discuss progress and to further tweak your nutrition programme if necessary. Further follow up sessions can be booked in as needed.

Feeling good is at the core of our nutrition philosophy. Eating well doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or restrictive, it just needs to work for you. Let us show you how. A free introductory consultation can take place via video call or over the phone to establish exactly how we can help you. Get in touch here.




£175 for a private consultation and follow up appointment.