Personal Training

Personal Training
Personal Training
Personal Training

What’s your goal?

"I wanted a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach and mentor
– all rolled into one – and that’s exactly what I got”

Our Personal Training is the gold standard in fitness. Behind each of Transition Zone’s elite instructors you’ll find a rigorously educated, specialist charged with enabling you to meet every one of your goals. And then push beyond them. Because, with the right support, anything is possible.

Our specialisms include boxing, strength training, body transformation, injury rehabilitation, and pre and post natal health. Working together, we’ll identify targets, assess functional movement ability and scrutinise diet and lifestyle habits to formulate a 360 degree plan that’s realistic but gets results. We have decades of expertise between us, all backed by the latest pioneering research. No fads. No fancy bells or whistles. Just science-led protocols that genuinely work.

Your journey is our journey. Wherever it is you’re destined, we’re there alongside you to champion, guide, mentor and advise. Confused by conflicting diet advice? We’ll put you in touch with our nutritionist. Bamboozled by food labels? We’ll join you on your next food shop. Want to stay on track during the holidays? We’ll devise a portable workout. Worried you’ll veer off-piste at weekends? We’ll WhatsApp to keep you on track. Niggling injury preventing progress? Our rehab massage will get you up and running. Can’t get to the studio? We’ll come to you. Want to train with a friend or partner? We’ll offer you a 50% discount  for the second person. Trust us when we say, fitness has never been this collaborative.

It’s you and us - together - every step of the way.

“My PT sessions go way beyond the actual hour I spend in the studio.
I get ongoing diet plans, holiday workouts, weekend catch ups and even food shopping excursions.”

If you’d like to top up your personal training you can download our ONDEMAND Zone pre recorded workouts, choose from a wide range of 15-30 min sessions in Yoga, Mobility, Abs, Lower Body, Upper body, HIT and BoxCon plus some insightful tutorials to improve technique and form.


Your Personal Training Journey

Your Personal Training journey will begin with a three step process:-

1-Initial Consultation: 45 minutes:

Goal Setting, Health Questionnaire/PAR-Q, Health Measures: Resting HR, Blood Pressure, Body Measurements + Skinfold, Postural analysis/progress photos, FMS (Functional Movement Screen). We can refer to our on-site Nutritionist or Osteopath as required.

2- Introductory Session:

During this session, we will introduce practical assessments and tests (matched to your goals and FMS results), this will help us devise a “complete” training programme for you.  

3-Personal Training Programme:

This will be the start of your bespoke training programme.  We will regularly review your assessments, tests and body analysis for progress updates.   

Additional Services:

Nutrition Consultation 

Good nutrition is essential for good health. The food that you eat can be the difference between feeling merely okay and feeling on top of the world - both mentally and physically. Indeed nutrition can be utilised in a myriad of ways, from increasing energy levels to enhancing mood.

Here are just some of the issues that we can help you with:

Weight Management

Whether you’re striving to lose, gain or maintain weight, we can set you on the right track and monitor your progress throughout.

Expectant Mums

Expect advice during pregnancy and guidance through the early years of weaning, infancy and childhood. Nutrition plays a vital role in increasing your child’s chances of a healthy life and kickstarts their cognitive development.

Baby Weight

Shedding post pregnancy weight can be a struggle. Consultations can be extended to home visits where we can work on recipes, fitness and how to keep weight off.

Specific Conditions

Everyday symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, skin conditions, fatigue and PMS are a sign that your body is not working to its full potential. By identifying what imbalance is at the heart of a specific health condition, we can help you overcome it. 

Endurance sports and competitive training

If you’re planning on participating in a marathon, triathlon, cycle sportive or Iron Man event, getting your nutrition right is just as important as your training. Even the best exercise programme, in the absence of a good eating plan, will disappoint. But get it right and you’ll maximise progress, optimise peak performance on race day and improve your recovery. Taking your individual training needs and event calendar into close consideration, our nutritionist can work with you on eating plans, nutrient timing, digestive health, hydration strategies and bone and joint health.