Meet the Team – Abbi


Abbi Kennedy

Specialist Area: Power Plate and HIT.

Ultimate pre and post training snack:
Pre: Spinach, banana, almond milk and vanilla protein smoothie.
Post: Walnuts, dried dates and refreshing cucumber water.

A qualified instructor with an impressive dance background, Abbi’s understanding of body alignment runs deep. Not only is she a stickler for perfect posture, she knows from experience how crucial a healthy lifestyle is to keep in shape and is passionate about the positive effects exercise has on mind and body. Abbi’s previous performance roles (she was dance captain and played Brooke Wyndham the fitness queen in Legally Blonde the musical and starred in We Will Rock You) strongly influence her classes so expect high energy, precision and great and structured workouts - calling on all elements of her training, Abbi likes to incorporate everything from HIT to core to body sculpt, ballet barre and body weight workouts into her sessions. Expect the unexpected! She’s fierce.

When the going gets tough, the tough... gets tougher!