Meet the Team – Ollie


Ollie Frost

Specialist areas: Holistic therapy, Massage and Movement.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
I am a big fan of fasting. I will usually almost exercise in this state.
Post: Peanut butter smoothie.

Ollie is an experienced holistic therapist who specializes in chronic pain management, muscular imbalances, posture, and movement health by combining manual therapies and assisting individuals to reach their full ability in body and mind.

Ollie uses a wide array of techniques and tools to alleviate restrictions in the body, including breathwork, functional movement, fascial stretch therapy, and soft tissue massage to achieve the best results possible.

Former professional rugby player Ollie retired from the game 7 years ago due to mental and physical exhaustion. Since retiring from professional sports, Ollie has worked closely with others to promote health through a nervous system regulation approach encompassing physical, mental, and social health.

Ollie is the founder of Human Wellness, a project that began during the pandemic to create an integrative framework of evidence-based practices to help individuals and groups thrive. 

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When the going gets tough the tough...