Meet the Team – Emma


Emma Bardwell, Nutritionist

Specialist area: Women’s Health

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Post:  Coconut milk, peanut butter, green leafy veg and pear smoothie

Emma is a fully registered nutritional therapist with a particular interest in women’s health. In a world of conflicting nutrition messages and sensationalist headlines, she believes in a no nonsense, evidence based approach to helping clients live healthier, happier lives. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to feel on top of their game. How? With a 360 degree, holistic approach that balances nutrition needs alongside good lifestyle habits such as sleep, stress busting and exercise.

A stickler for cutting through the health industry's noise, Emma’s aim is to educate and empower. No fads. No fuss. No judging. No preaching. You won’t catch her demonising carbs or eliminating entire food groups without legitimate cause. Instead, Emma focuses on debunking myths and misconceptions to deliver practical, sensible knowledge that encourages changes that genuinely work.

Alongside her role as a nutritionist, Emma is a health writer and regularly contributes to online women’s magazine titles such as Sheerluxe and Hip n Healthy. She’s also a keen blogger and has amassed a 14,000 strong Instagram account featuring health hacks, nutrition advice, plant-based recipes and skincare tips. Follow her at @emma.bardwell

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