Meet the Team – Ieva

Ieva Mockapetryte (Eve)

Ieva Mockapetryte (Eve)

Specialist area: Nutritionist and overseeing the Recovery Cafe.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Green Hit smoothie and one of our energy balls from the Recovery Cafe.
Post: Chia, banana, cashew butter and coconut water homemade pudding.

BSc qualified in Health and Nutrition (and qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer), Eve favours a holistic approach towards body, diet and lifestyle. Raised with the belief that you are what you eat, she has long had a interest in the remarkable benefits of nutrition. Her true passion lies in raw food, as she believes it's the most natural way of eating.

Eve has managed  “Fortify” a Raw Cafe in Kent, works closely with healthy food delivery service and is responsible for all our onsite healthy snacks. Having played basketball for a number of years, Eve enjoys being a part of a team and working hard towards a goal.

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