Meet the Team – Joe

Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Specialist area: Strength & Resistance Training, HIIT & Circuits

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Post: A simple whey protein shake with some fruit/greens/oats.

A Sports Science graduate and mad keen basketball fan, Joe’s passion for all things fitness related naturally drew him to a career as a personal trainer. He graduated with a BSc in Sport Science in 2013 and has since added to his fitness repertoire at the University of Bath.

Known as the human dynamo, Joe’s unfaltering work ethic, commitment and positive outlook on life feeds into his wonderfully upbeat training and coaching style. He favours an evidence-based approach to training and steers well clear of fads, instead opting for protocols tailored to an individual’s ability and goals. Joe has worked for a number of industry leading companies in London and Bath.

Aside from health and fitness, Joe’s other main passions (read: obsession) are Rugby and basketball. His love of basketball has seen him play for SGS Academy in Bristol, Kingston University and he even spent one summer in NYC shooting hoops with his crew throughout the city. 

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