Meet the Team – Kasha

Kasha Barton

Kasha Barton

Specialist area: Power Plate, TRX, Circuit Training, Boxing, Kettlebells and Post Natal.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
A banana/ banana smoothie or homemade bliss balls.
Post: Sticky toffee protein zoats or a cheese and veg packed omelette.

Originally from New Zealand, Kasha has been a fully fledged London resident for almost five years now. She grew up with a dad who was involved in a number of sports, including boxing. Having watched him compete from a young age, she soon got a grasp of the basics and went on to spar with him as she grew older. The discipline is, naturally, close to her heart and these days Kasha is a huge fan of boxing as a workout. Her growing passion for all things fitness related resulted in Kasha qualifying as a personal trainer and fitness instructor with a certificate that includes work with pre and post natal women. Her ultimate aim is to help people strive to be the best version of themselves and improve on all aspects of their health and fitness.

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