Meet the Team – Lauren

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter

Specialist area: Circuit Training, Power Plate, HIIT.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Eggs and veggies on toast.  
Post: Yoghurt with peanut butter and berries.

Driving you to get stronger, fitter and faster, Lauren is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer who channels positive energy and has a particular passion for circuits. Having started off her academic career studying nutrition, she knows only too well how important it is to burn hard and fuel harder. Her heart-pumping HIT sessions are geared around getting a serious sweat on but making sure you enjoy every second of the ride.

Lauren’s passion for health and fitness runs deep. She has a successful blog (The Wholesome Hunter) and is continually looking at ways to push herself harder. And guess what, she’ll do the same for you, because Lauren’s overriding focus is on getting results. Expect high octane sessions with lots of motivation, plus a big old side helping of mental stimulation.

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