Meet the Team – Mark


Mark Stanton – Joint Head of Training and Development

Specialist area: TRX, Boxing, Strength Conditioning and Sports Massage.

Ultimate pre and post training snack:
A good night's sleep and a balanced meal 2 hours before a workout.... failing that a banana.
Post: Recovery smoothie: protein powder, oats, honey, peanut butter and almond milk.

With a decade of personal training and sports performance coaching under his belt, Mark belongs to the cream of London’s fitness talent. Having enjoyed sport all his life, he completed an undergraduate degree in Sports Science followed by a Masters in Strength and Conditioning. In short, he knows his stuff. He’s since gone on to rack up a plethora of national and international certifications that include qualifications from the highly acclaimed National Strength and Conditioning Association. But his talents don’t stop there. He’s also a corrective exercise specialist and level 3 sports massage therapist. Basically, whatever your fitness needs, Mark’s your man: from weight loss and performance, to back pain and critical injury rehabilitation.

In the sports performance world, Mark has worked across many different fields alongside many different people, including Olympic and World champion athletes. His geographical spread is equally diverse. He’s spent time in the Middle East at an elite training centre and in Florida helping prepare young elite sprinters for their seasons.

Mark’s training methods are multi-directional but what unites them all is science. For you that means a programme that’s big on variety but specially tailored to your individual needs, whether they be body shape or performance goals.

When the going gets tough the tough... make it look easy.