Meet the Team – Nadir

Nadir Sebbar

Nadir Sebbar

Specialist area: Boxing, HIT, Sports Performance

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Banana, peanut butter and honey on brown toast, black coffee/beetroot juice.
Post: Banana, mixed nuts, dark chocolate (70%) and coconut water. 

Say hello to Nadir ‘slick’ Sebbar, a currently unbeaten professional boxer, who began martial arts training when his mother took him to karate and kickboxing classes aged seven. As a youngster he competed in Muay Thai, kickboxing and amateur boxing. He currently holds an impressive record consisting of over 40 amateur boxing bouts against top international fighters from around the world. Now a professional boxer, Nadir has built up a formidable reputation amongst London’s top boxing clubs, sparring and competing in the ring alongside current and former world champions. 

Unsurprisingly, Nadir’s health and fitness knowledge is impressive. He’s a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer who is all about helping clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or honing technique, clients are pushed towards their goals with a level of insight and professionalism you’d expect from an elite athlete.

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