Meet the Team – Shaun


Shaun Christie

Specialist area: TRX, Power Plate, Strength Training & Nutrition

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
 Rice cake with peanut butter and a protein shake.
Post: Rice cake with Nutella and a protein shake.

A dynamo in the studio, Shaun is a degree qualified fitness pro with a love of health and a solid understanding of nutrition. In short, he’s an all-round star.

Having been a dance teacher and a swim coach (not to mention a model), a broad and inclusive outlook has always been part of Shaun’s fitness approach. Once he qualified as a fitness instructor and a personal trainer though, he really came into his own and he now enjoys nothing more than watching people grow beyond their expectations.

Shaun’s classes will leave you (but not your glutes) wanting more. Expect to sweat buckets, laugh loads and leave on a high, but not before you’ve asked him to show you some hip swivels. Shaun is a Latin American dancer and has been on Celebrity Strictly and Dancing With The Stars. Is there no end to his talents? Join one of his sessions to find out for yourself.

When the going gets tough... the tough get abs & arms out and work!