Meet the Team – Tom


Tom Cuff-Burnett

Specialist area: TRX, Strength Training and Youth Performance Coaching.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Banana and a flapjack.
Post: Shake and a packet of biltong.

A former marketer turned fitness professional, Tom is a self-confessed movement perfectionist with more than 12 years’ experience across a wide range of training disciplines. Whether he’s planning a 1-2-1 strength and conditioning workout, honing in on barbell technique or eking every last ounce out of sweat from a TRX class, his motto is always the same: Move Better, Feel Better. We couldn’t agree more.

Tom loves pushing his own training to the max and he knows how to ensure you do the same, whether it be strength, plyometrics, or flexibility - or a combination of all three. He’s bang up to date on all things health and fitness, and brings an infectious energy, which keeps his sessions varied and fun. Trust us on this, you’ll be hooked on this guy from the get go!


When the going gets tough the tough... put on their grown-up pants and hold their heads up high.