Meet the Team – Vesna

Vesna Kochoska

Vesna Kochoska – Head of Boxing

Specialist area: Boxing, Strength Training & HIIT

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Matcha tea and half a banana.
Post: Rice cakes and peanut butter.

To say Vesna has a broad approach to her personal exercise and health would be a serious understatement: she’s an amateur boxing champion who has completed the Paris marathon and regularly competes in physique competitions. Who better then to improve the health and wellbeing of others.

As an elite amateur boxer representing England, she has had the privilege and opportunity to work with many of the country’s leading coaches. The most important lesson Vesna has learnt from them is threefold: keep things simple, work on weaknesses and develop strength. And that’s exactly what she does with every one of her clients. 

Vesna calls on all her skills, from boxing to massage (she’s a qualified therapist), to help clients meet their fitness goals - whether that’s a complete body transformation, increased strength and mobility or an overall improvement in wellbeing.

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