Strength Training

Adam Humphries

Specialist Area: Strength & conditioning, Sports performance, Youth training, Rehab

Ultimate pre & post training snack:
Pre: Peanut butter and banana sandwich
Post: Wild West beef jerky and a protein smoothie

Adam plays semi-professional football for Egham Town, where, due to his tireless cardio effort, he’s known as ‘The Engine Room’. In addition to football training twice a week, this running machine is a big fan of cross-training. He. Never. Stops! His success on the pitch drives his interest in all aspects of fitness, eventually leading to his qualification as a personal trainer.

Adam’s a staunch believer in putting his theoretical and practical knowledge into practice with his clients, from those looking for sports-specific goals based on endurance and strength right through to post-natal mums wanting to get back into shape. His goal - no matter who he’s training - is to make sure each session completed is bespoke to the client’s individual aims and goals. Here at the studio, he’s renowned for putting the ‘personal’ into training.

A big advocate of continually pushing to achieve new goals, Adam isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He’s currently training to become a reserve in the Royal Marines - it isn’t just his clients who he wants to be the best they can be!

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When the going gets tough the tough... 

have the hunger to keep pushing forward.