Anabelle Pilates and Mobility

Annabel Spurrier

Specialist Area: Strength & conditioning, Pilates, Pre & post-natal, Midlife training

Ultimate pre & post training snack:
Pre: Skyr yoghurt with chopped banana
Post: Carrot sticks and hummus

Having danced from the age of two, Annabel fell in love with the musical theatre world and went on to study at several prestigious musical theatre institutions. Her passion for performing and all things fitness, combined with boundless energy, makes every session memorable and challenging! Expect a mix of metabolic conditioning, strength, pilates, and a lot of core work! She’s your girl for sweat with an added dose of sass. Prepare to be blown away.

Annabel knows first-hand the impact a healthy lifestyle can have on both mind and body and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to help clients reach their goals. She believes wholeheartedly that the key to finding consistency with your fitness is to train in a way you enjoy but also in a way that challenges you, which is why her varied skill set enables her to tailor her clients' programmes to suit their personalities, lifestyles, and goals.

Speech marks yellow and white

When the going gets tough the tough... 

smile and push harder.