The PT Zone team

Our approach

"My PT sessions go way beyond the actual hour I spend in the studio. I get ongoing diet plans, holiday workouts, weekend catch ups and even food shopping excursions."

Small Group Strength Training PT

Results come when are you are fully committed to your “GOAL”

What’s your goal?

Build strength
Muscle gain, increase bone density, improve posture, burn calories, injury prevention, improve heart health.
Recover after injury
Rehabilitation post injury, post-natal, medical conditions, poor health and lifestyle changes.
Weight management
Looking to maintain, lose or gain a little more weight, prevent weight cycling.
Pre/Post natal wellness
Preparation ready for birth, support pre-natal medical conditions, get back in shape post baby, get strong and fit.
Mid-life health
Support peri/menopausal symptoms: weight management, bone health, increase muscle tone, improve posture.
Sports performance
Sports specific training, move better, faster, improve form, youth athletic performance, gain the advantage.

Small Group Personal Training

What’s your goal?

"I want to train as part of a group at a price that is more accessible."
Looking for the motivation of a group, goal specific training, plenty of personalised attention and all at price point that means you can train 2-3 times a week?
Our small group personal training sessions are programmed and are goal specific, choose from any of the list below:
• Strength & conditioning
• Youth performance
• Women only
• Over 60’s

You will be coached very similar to a personal training session (but at a much more accessible price point), these sessions will be full body and pre-programmed to ensure you progress week by week. Every session is designed to get you stronger, move better and see considerable change.
• Max 4
• 60 min
• Access to expert coaching
• Periodised programming

Behind each of PT Zone’s elite trainers you’ll find a rigorously educated, specialist charged with enabling you to meet every one of your goals. And then push beyond them. Because, with the right support, anything is possible.

Working together, we’ll identify goals, assess functional movement and fitness levels, scrutinise diet and lifestyle habits, discuss stress, mental wellness, rest, recovery all with the aim to formulate a 360 degree plan that’s realistic but gets results. We have decades of expertise between us. No fads. No fancy bells or whistles. Just science-led protocols that genuinely work.

Your journey is our journey. Wherever it is you’re destined, we’re there alongside you to champion, guide, mentor and advise.