Barry Jung

Specialist Area: Pilates, Pre & post-natal, Midlife training

Ultimate pre & post training snack:
Pre: Baobab is a great energy booster which can be mixed with any liquid
Post: Keep it light with some bananas and good old-fashioned water

Barry entered the fitness industry as a professional dancer, having performed in film, music, fashion and theatre all over the world. Despite his relaxed manner, Barry demands a lot from his clients during his personally tailored training sessions (ingrained through years of rather rigorous ballet training), but he also realises that a session should be entertaining as well as varied, productive and effective. Barry believes that regular diverse exercise brings not only physical and health benefits, but contributes immensely to your mental equilibrium. It can infuse you with positive energy and the right can-do attitude. 

Speech marks yellow and white

When the going gets tough the tough... 

happily accept the challenge.