Strength Personal Training

Claire Finlay

Specialist Area: Strength & conditioning, Youth training, Mobility & yoga, Pre & post natal, Midlife training, Breathwork, Mindset coaching

Ultimate pre and post training snack:
Pre: Banana
Post: Protein bar/Sushi

Following a long and successful career in advertising, Claire started her acclaimed health consultancy in 2008, which soon flourished into Transition Zone and PT Zone as we know it today.

Committed to more than just physical fitness, Claire is continually looking at ways to add value to her clients while remaining at the forefront of industry developments - so osteopathy, massage therapy, and vitamin B12 injections soon followed. The Transition Zone brand then extended to include overseas retreats and regular events and workshops.

Claire’s vision is to deliver a holistic, 360-degree wellness experience that emphasises how people feel on the inside—heal from within first, and the outside will follow. In 2022, Resilience Zone was born with the sole aim of supporting emotional and mental well-being.

Claire's expertise lies in helping clients achieve their goals. It could be a strength session, mindset coaching and NLP, breathwork, mobility and yoga, or some hands-on assisted stretching. Whatever you need, Claire calls on her 25 years of experience and well-equipped toolbox to give every client a truly bespoke experience.

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When the going gets tough the tough... 

turn the music up and dig deep.