Strength Training

Alfonso Iovine

Specialist Area: Strength & conditioning, Mobility, Boxing & MMA

Ultimate pre & post training snack:
Pre: Essential amino acid supplement or an egg white omelette on rye toast
Post: Whey protein smoothie

Alfonso has over seven years of fitness coaching and personal training under his belt, but his accolades don’t stop there. A stickler for constantly furthering his knowledge, Alfonso is a regular workshop and seminar attendee, from intermittent fasting to kettlebells to weight lifting. Just like the rest of the team, Alfonso knows that up-to-date knowledge is crucial to staying ahead in the fast-moving world of fitness. That's why he is such a great fit here.

When he’s not in the studio, you’ll find Alfonso working on his own physique. He trains hard, enjoys keeping fit and loves nothing more than hill and track running. He’s also a keen bodybuilder and makes banging out power lifts look easy. Alfonso’s PT philosophy is to help clients make the best of themselves, and he does it pretty damned well.

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When the going gets tough the tough... 

get tougher!