YOU Train. WE Programme.  

What’s your goal?

"I love the fact that the W.O.D. are varied and well designed... yes I need to think a bit more but there’s always a supervisor at hand if I need a bit more personal support"

OPEN Zone Zone allows open access to the studio floor to work out on your own but with the help of a OUR well designed W.O.D. (workout of the day) Programme Plan, all you need to do is choose your W.O.D. take responsibility for YOUR workout and BE READY to train hard.

On arrival, you will be assigned your INDIVIDUAL TRAINING ZONEyour W.O.D. programme plan will be waiting for you. OPEN Zone access will be limited to keep studio capacity in line with government guidelines, numbers are between 4-6 per session.

We change our programme plans twice a month, this allows you to get familiar with each W.O.D., perfect your form, increase the load, your reps and beat the clock... all with the aim of seeing results fast! 

W.O.D. Personal Coach

If you’re in need of a bit more support and personal guidance (checking your form, offering adaptations etc) or perhaps you just a little bit of motivation to get you through your W.O.D. session, you can book in to have the on duty supervisor at your personal disposal throughout the session.

Please book in prior to the session:

45 min WOD Coach: £30
30 mins WOD Coach: £20 

Strength & Con W.O.D. // 45 mins

Covering the key compound movements, these sessions are designed to include push/pull upper and lower body exercises. You will have access to barbells/alternatives depending on your preference.  We'll also throw in some METCON and Core at the end to make sure you're working to the max.

Good for: building strength
Sweat Factor: 4/5
Experience: You should be familiar with the key principles of strength training and the fundamental movements –  squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups & rows.




OPEN Zone - drop in 

OPEN Zone - 5 pack

OPEN Zone - 10 pack 

OPEN Zone - Monthly Unlimited (max 1 per day, no tie in)