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Fitness that goes beyond aesthetics


We're not just training you to be brilliant in the studio, we're training you to be brilliant out there in the world around you. As you may already know we're not into fad fitness but we do like to stay on top of the latest scientific studies and research, and it's these findings that we use to inform our Classes, Personal Training sessions and Event collaborations. For you it means functional fitness that benefits every area of your life; but it also means one-on-one attention, size-limited classes and personalised modifications to ensure you're perfectly primed to reach optimal fitness. Having fun also plays a big part too! 

Training for mobility




Right now there's a big buzz in the industry around mobility training. Training with a focus on aesthetics is fine but shouldn't come at the expense of physical attributes such as suppleness and flexibility. Mobility training's benefits are well documented: from increasing body awareness, improving posture, easing pain to helping you recover better after training  and  injury prevention. If you're a regular at Transition Zone you will have been privy to mobility training already, probably without even knowing it. We include mobility exercises into all our workouts but especially TRXPower Plate and the Reformer Chair sessions. We're now going one step further and will be adding a mobility based class on Sundays, keep your ear to the ground for more news soon.

Summer offers

We've got a whole host of offers to keep you motivated in the lead up to beach season:



For all NEW PT clients you'll get a whopping 20% off. 


Try any 5 classes and 5 x 45 min PT sessions



For all new clients only try us for 10 consecutive days for £50 (£5 per class) 


For new clients only Buy one get one free - two classes for £25

PAUG membership

From now until the end of August we're offering PAUG memberships so no commitment and no three month tie in.  


32 classes per month
- £175 PCM


12 classes per month 
- £150 PCM


28 classes per month
(18-25's only) - 
£125 PCM

You choose your class price

So what exactly is dynamic pricing? In a nutshell it means that classes are priced differently according to their level of demand. The higher the demand for a class, the more expensive it will be. Demand tends to increase as the class gets closer so prices will tend to go up. If, on rare occasions, demand begins to weaken, prices will drop but the general rule is: the earlier you book, the less you pay. Try it out for yourself. Just log on by clicking on the GET Dynamic Pricing logo. 

USE CODE MYFIRST to get £5 off your first booking.


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