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Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. Isn't that the saying? But what happens when you get so busy that you forget to actually have a life. Putting yourself first shouldn't be deemed selfish, it should be a given, because when you're on top of your game everything else in your life benefits - from relationships to work to your health.

Our classes are small and very personalised, however, you can't beat the rewards that come with personal training. Not only does it provide precious 'me time', it can have some pretty incredible - sometimes life-changing - results. As trainers we take the time to get to know you and your goals in detail. We want to know about your lifestyle... what you eat... how you deal with stress... your passions - the more we know, the better the results. Think of us as your nutritionist, counsellor, confidante and much more besides.

Whether you've hit a post summer slump, need a helping hand getting back on track or you have a fitness goal or target weight you'd like us to help you achieve, now's the perfect time to take action.

Remember it can take up to three months to see real change... just in time for the Christmas and New Year parties and holidays!

Personal Training – 20% Off




Worried about the cost? Just think about how much you spend on keeping your car or your house running; your health is no less important. To make things even easier, we're offering the following discounts: Use Code PT20 at checkout. 


5 pack £284 
(£57 per 45min session)



10 pack £560 
(£56 per 45min session) 



20 pack £1040 
(£52 per 45min session)


PT & Class combo - classes FREE


PT&CLASSCOMBO.pngYet to try our exclusive Pilates Chair Class - how about mixing this with some Personal Training, that way you'll get your form on check and work even harder during your classes. 5 x Personal Training sessions and 5 x studio classes for £345 - basically you get all the classes FREE!


Small Group PT  – 10% Off

SMALLGROUP_PT.jpgFancy sharing the endorphin high...and the cost? Gather a couple of like-minded friends and sweat it out together. Each person in the group (max of 3) will get a 20 minute consultation, a totally bespoke training plan, regular monitoring and access to a wide range of fitness equipment (both indoors and outdoors). The day and time is up to you, all we ask is that you sign up for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks. Based on 3 in a group: £189pp person (£31.50 pp a session) USE CODE: GROUPPT10 at checkout





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