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Get (Back) into the zone

Hopefully the summer has given you a much-deserved energy reboot. Although, if our fitness radars are correct, your exercise regime may be feeling a tad out of whack. If it's an extra dose of encouragement that's needed, you're in the right place. Read all about the latest team and timetable additions below, plus find out how we've been spending our time over the last few weeks.

Youth Squad -  Regular Weekly Classes




11-13 year olds - Monday 1st Oct 5.30-6.30pm

14-17 year olds - Thursday 4th Oct 7-8pm 

We held a number of youth camps over the summer which went down brilliantly with participants ... and their parents! On the back of the great testimonials we received, we've decided to add two regular weekly classes to the timetable. 

Starting first week in October, there will be two age specific weekly sessions: 11 - 13 year olds and 14 - 17 year olds. Both classes will provide an outlet to channel energy, develop confidence and hone performance which will be instrumental in school, club and county team/individuals performances. There's a large amount of research to support the use of strength training for long term health and wellbeing in children.


"Children can improve strength by 30% to 50% after just 8 to 12 weeks of a bi-weekly well-designed strength-training program." Faigenbaum


We're planning small classes (with no more than 10-12 spaces) - that deliver first class athletic coaching around team skills, movement patterns, strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility and balance. Disciplines covered will include: circuits, boxing, strength training and fitness testing.

Essentially we'll be focusing on learning to move correctly and safely using the seven principles of fundamental movement: lunge, squat, hinge, push, pull, brace and rotate. We'll also cover how to run, hop, squat, throw and catch correctly - all of which translate perfectly into sporting prowess and daily life - as well as have fun and build self esteem.  

EMAIL NOW for further information 

Please note, we've opened registration for the October half term camp from 22-26th 1- 4pm. If you're interested, click here.

Small Group PT (Max 4): Weight Loss. Hyperthrophy. Sports Performance


 £80-£95 PW* 

Check out our TRANZFORM programmes. They're affordable, small group personal training programmes that will redefine how you work out. Leaner, faster, stronger - whatever your fitness goal, our team will work tirelessly alongside your PT squad to get you there in record time. 

What's included:

* 6 & 8 week Programmes:
 2 GPT sessions PW + 2 classes £80PW 
 3 GPT sessions PW + 2 classes £95PW

* An in-depth body and diet analysis to pinpoint your goals
* A results driven programme (including training, nutrition and weight loss)
* Exclusive support: voice messages, video logs, recipes and more
* Regular support and mentoring

Want in? Grab three friends (max of four per squad) and get in touch. 

For Transition Zone members we offer a special discount.    

Memberships - Try us for a month 

Being a member at Transition Zone goes way beyond working out. It opens the doors to supper clubs, educational workshops and events plus discounts on Personal Training, Small Group PT Massage and our delicious smoothies.  It also means less admin time for you and more classes at a discounted price. To get you back in the Zone, there's a waiver on the 3 month commitment.


3 times per week - 12 classes a month £150
no 3 month commitment 


7 times per week- 28 classes a month £175 
- no 3 month commitment 

New faces at the Zone

September always feels like a new term so we're delighted to be adding to our awesome team. Alfonso Iovine will be drawing on his power lifting background and love of HIIT to build a perfectly balanced full body workout. With his blended accent and brilliant sense of humour, he's one to watch.


Paris Stangl has worked in New York and is an ex-professional basketball player and actor. Whether it's strength conditioning or post natal fitness, or coaching teenagers his 15 years' experience will keep you on your toes. He's also pretty sharp on the boxing pads.


Luke Hamerton is a former rugby captain with a penchant for swimming, running and diving. His specialist areas include weight loss, performance enhancement and nutrition, plus he has lots of experience mentoring and coaching kids. He's also a qualified life guard so expect to get chucked in the deep end.


Power to the People - New HiPerZone Circuit

August saw the addition of a new Power class to our HiPerZone portfolio. This is a sucker-punch of a session! Guaranteed to get your heart racing, the class boasts new stations, tweaked work/rest ratios but the same tried and tested heart rate zone - 90% of your max heart rate is not for the weak hearted! 


Heart rate monitoring is one of the best ways to find that sweet spot when it comes to exercise intensity. There are two ways of determining this: the first and most simple way is to check in with how you feel during exercise - listening to your body should never be underestimated. If you feel that you're working hard, your heart rate is likely high. The most accurate way, however, is by physically monitoring your heart rate and paying attention to heart rate data. This is where, our HiPerZone classes come in; they work by taking the guesswork out of how hard you're pushing yourself to get the most from your fitness training. 


Summer Round Up




Claire spent some time back in Egypt, spreading the Transition Zone love and even managing to squeeze in some much need downtime. 

Kasha was busy smashing her way through a Cross Fit competition that pitted athletes against each other

Mark headed off to Florida - now a regular fixture in his schedule to coach under u21 track athletes

Love was definitely in the air Katherine and Joe both got engaged, while Abbi is going the whole hog is just a couple of weeks! 

Congrats all round.



Although we're sad to see the end of the summer, we relish the sense of purpose that September brings. It's a great time to try something new and make some resolutions. If we can help in any way, you only have to ask.