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Power up your performance

Want to optimise performance across all aspects of your fitness? Look no further. Power Plate allows you to build muscle faster, perform better and recover quicker. Vibration training is used by elite athletes the world over - from Manchester United football players to Serena Williams. We've long been devotees, thanks to the outstanding results we get for clients, so we're immensely proud to have been selected as an approved training centre. See one of our classes in action by clicking on the video above.




As well as increasing strength and flexibility, Power Plate boosts metabolism for weight loss and minimises injury risk. For many people though, the overriding benefit is that you get a calorie torching, full body blast workout in just 25 minutes.





All Power Plate classes (and Power Plate Chair Fusion classes) will be £10 between 16th and 23rd April. Book early though, because once they're gone, they're gone.



We run classes every day so there's lots of choice... you'll also find Power Plate as part of our Endurance HiPer Zone Circuit and as a fusion with the Reformer Pilates Chair