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What a year you’ve been 2019!


We always get a bit reflective around this time of year when we look back at what we’ve achieved together. The team is now bigger than ever and covers everything from personal training to osteopathy, massage and nutrition. All you need to keep you in good shape!

Spring saw the studio get a refit, replete with new kit and the installation of a full-sized, real-deal boxing ring, which featured in last month’s Made In Chelsea. We also launched TZCorporate, which focuses on bringing TZ’s signature health and wellbeing message to the workplace (on or offsite) added extra Youth Classes which are, apparently, ‘well peng’.

As you can see, we’ve packed in a tremendous amount over the last 12 months, but we couldn’t have done it without you, so huge thanks for your support and commitment to the TZ tribe. We’re incredibly honoured to have you on board, helping you get fitter, feel better and move more. With even bigger plans for 2020, we’ve never been stronger.

Christmas and New year opening hours

We will be running a much reduced timetable over the festive period so please book early.

We are open for Personal Training as usual.

 We are closed December 25 & 26th & January 1st


New for 2020...

Sparring classes


With an eye on keeping our boxing offering fresh, we’re introducing a sparring class. Want in - only 8 spaces available?

Mobility & Functional Movement



After a week of hard training we all need to build in recovery time. It could be a massage, some time easing out on Power Plate’s new vibration tech or signing up to our new TZMotility sessions - these will be a good mix of mobility, functional movement, deep stretch and some yoga. As well as helping you recover they will also help you get MORE from your training!

But we’re not talking your typical yoga setting against a zen backdrop, we’re much more about functional, dynamic stretching specially designed sessions to compliment our classes and Personal training sessions.

These sessions aim to improve mobility, joint health and fundamental movement through a variety of strengthen isometric exercises, dynamic stretches and maybe even a bit of TRX for extra stretch! 

TZmobility classes will start mid Jan.

We're giving back...keep a look out for FREE CLASSES

We’re always keen to give back so keep a look out for our random free classes which will drop each week, starting in January. 




Naturally Nourished

1-8th June 2020 / Andalusia Southern Spain

This luxury 7 day retreat set deep in the lush, rolling hills of southern Spain is all about YOU. Your needs. Your health. Your happiness.

It’s aimed at those for whom a high level of self-care is important. We’re talking daily hikes to reconnect with the great outdoors, small group training sessions, yoga, alfresco dining and blissful early nights.

The emphasis will be on disconnecting from the stresses of life while gaining some clarity and perspective.

That’s just about it from us for 2019.

Have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you back
in 2020 which we’re coining the Year of Plenty!

We have so much to be grateful for and even more to look forward to.
Go well...